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Mindenkit szeretettel varunk 2013.Februar 9-en tartando Valentin-balunkra.80 Ann st.London,Ont.

A zenet a csodalatos hangu magyarorszagi muveszno Peller Anna es Alfonz Talfi Barta amerikabol, tobbszoros gyemant,platina es aranylemez gyotes, az Edda egyuttes volt billentyuse szolgaltatja.Jegyek elovetelben 519-851-5837


George Gömöri: In Memoriam Clara Györgyey

In memoriam:  Clara Györgyey: Writer and translator who specialised in the theatre

 Klara Takács, writer and translator: born Budapest 23 May 1933; married Ferenc Györgyey (two daughters); died Wallingford, Connecticut 11 January 2010.

Clara Györgyey: Writer and translator who specialised in the theatre Thursday, 25 February 2010 The 1956 Hungarian emigration to the West produced a number of eminent scientists and a few talented writers and translators. >>

Letter About Tom Lantos

Thank you, Tom Lantos

Rep. Tom Lantos was an unfailing and principled advocate for human rights ("U.S. congressman Tom Lantos, 80, dies," Nation, yesterday). He personified the highest principles of statesmanship by using his office and influence for good: to assist persecuted peoples throughout the world. Throughout the years, Mr. Lantos and his family members attended various events sponsored by my organization. He often spoke with great pride of his Hungarian identity; >>

Hungarian Language & Culture Course at the University of Szeged

From the University of Szeged

Particular thanks for getting this educational program going over thirty years ago is due to Professor Louis Elteto, one of our MBK founder, and is given credit for the initiative in the article.

Teaching Hungarian language and culture at the University of Szeged (at the time called József Attila University) started in 1971 when, initiated by Professor Lou Elteto, some students from Portland State University (Oregon, USA) came here to spend >>

Edith Lauer : Historic Day in Budapest

MBK member Edit Lauer was present in the Hungarian parliament during the election of the President of Hungary and sends the following report regarding the tactics that help win the the presidency for Dr. László Sólyom.

Dear Coalition Board Members:

This is your special "insider" report from Budapest regarding the historic presidential election that took place yesterday at the Hungarian Parliament.

First a bit of background: The Hungarian President is elected by >>

Judith Liptak Papp

Judith Liptak, Mrs. Laszlo Papp passed away on March 31, 2005. Kedves [Éltető] Lajos, I am deeply saddened to wrute this personal note and share with you the news that Judith Liptak Papp died on March 31, 2005. She was the beloved wife of Laszlo Papp, who is the vice chairman of our Board of Directors and is the architect who designed the Foundation's museum, library and archives facility. Judith and her husband arrived in America after the 1956 Hungarian revolution. As a chemical engineer, >>

Laszlo G Fulop : The Fragrance of Hard Rolls

By Laszlo Fulop

In ’45 the Romanian administration released all Hungarian judges from the District Court. We already knew at the beginning of the summer that father would be a teacher at the Piarist High School with a salary of 4,000 leis per month, which was 4000 more than his settlement when he got laid off. This was at the time when one-liter milk cost 1,500 leis at the open-air market near the girls high school. Beside milk products, the market was not exactly endowed >>

Frigyes Karinthy : Barabbas

A short story

By Frigyes Karinthy

The Hungarian - edited - version of the story was extracted from the 'Hungarian Graded Reader', compiled by Ilona Mihalyfy and Eva Eszenyi, under the direction of Augustus A. Koski, published by the Foreign Service Institute, Dept. of State, with support of the Office of Education, DHEW. 1968. After Frigyes Karinthy

Translated by Laszlo G. Fulop reviewed by Jane C. Simon and Marta Nemesi

On the third day, sunset nearing, he stepped >>

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